Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Tonight -

Tonight I think about the words "Sleep tight." I have always loved those words, but today, I am thinking that perhaps, it might be, "Sleep loose." Why would we sleep tight like a little bud? Can dreams enter easily that way? Isn't the full flower more able to beckon the bee and have it's pollen spread on the bee's knees? I am thinking I will sleep loose tonight, spread out a bit, and lie on my back, and visualize myself as a wide-open flower, though not too wide. I want my petals to stay attached. I don't want to be completely bare.

I like my petals. I think of them as like the pieces of pie in the game of Trivial Pursuit. When we have interacted with all the parts of ourselves, then, there we are - completely round, and able to enter the center, and wait there, ready to interact and play with those happening by.

Sleep mobile tonight.

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