Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

continuing with William Stafford -

William Stafford was at one point placed in a conscientious objector camp in McNeil, Arkansas. You can imagine that they were looked upon pretty suspiciously by the locals when they left camp, and, at one point, there was some danger by a mob. They discussed in the camp what to do if the mob came to the camp to attack, since their response must always be one of peace.

They "talked over the mobbing thoroughly; for it signified a problem we had to solve: When are men dangerous? How could we survive in our little society within a society? What could we do?"

Stafford  continues:

    "For that occasion, our camp director, a slow-talking preacher of the way of life taught by Jesus Christ, gave us the final word:
        I know you men think the scene was funny, in spite of the danger; and I suppose there's no harm in having fun out of it; but don't think that our neighbors here in Arkansas are hicks just because they see you as spies and dangerous men. Just remember that our government is spending millions of dollars and hiring the smartest men in the country to devote themselves full-time just to make everyone act that way."

It is uncomfortably familiar, isn't it?

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