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Citizen Here on Earth!

William Stafford rose to write each day at four.

His son has culled from his morning writing some gems about citizenship. I place a few of them here, or, perhaps, more than a few.  There are many.

2 September 1957 -

    The leaders of one country found their people attacking another country: that was a disaster of statesmanship, to lose their people like that.
    In a second country the leaders found their country attacked.  The people, though, had behaved with restraint, a triumph of statesmanship, and a condition very hard to achieve.  

(Hmmm!   I certainly don't see this interpretation of statesmanship lately.   I see leaders creating discontent so we will think we need them.   I think of everything Jesus said and did.  I imagine even he would have trouble dining easily with what Bush is doing in his name. )

I continue with the wisdom of William:

19 May 1963

    One must learn to waver.

22 September 1967

    Those who champion democracy, but also make a fetish of never accepting anything they don't agree with - what advantage do they see in democracy?

22 August 1970

    Seeing one side at a time, we blunder.  Truth has no perspective.

16 September 1970

    My tremors are small, perhaps unmeaning, but like Galileo I can go away muttering, "Still, it moves."

11 September 1971

    People rebelling against what they feel brought on World War II are re-enacting that time.

13 August 1974

    A speech is something you say so as to distract attention from what you do not say.

1 December 1974

    Divisions among groups bring forward aggressive leaders, whose function requires of them an emphasizing of positive qualities in their own group, a tolerance of distortion in regard to the "enemy," a temporary using of means ordinarily frowned upon.  War leaders are liars.

1 February 1975

    Sure there is darkness in the world, but when I want to read I use the light.

1 May 1979

    "Some people are idealists: they keep leaning to make the world different.  They should face up to the way things are, and accept them."
    "Well, my leg is broken - I guess I'll just like that strange angle my leg has as it lies there."

18 May 1979

    Stafford's Gettysburg Address: These dead people were brave.

11 November 1979

    The Militarist's Farewell:  Good-bye, Boomerang, see you later.

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