Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
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In the moment -

In the moment, all is well, and ....

Somehow the set-up for the new stage was not right so after much probing, marking, checking, re-checking, and consulting, it was determined that everything needed to be done again, and I would not have radiation today, and I will thus end on next Wednesday, May 17th, not Tuesday, the 16th. It is fine, and today was not so pleasant as I am very sore at this point, and so being poked and checked is not so much fun, and so, it is. It just is.

I talked to Francine my doctor about this prescription medicine program of Bush's. She feels about Bush as I do. Our blood pressure rises together. Anyway, her 87 year old dad who was a researcher and a doctor was struggling with understanding it, so handed it to her. She says it makes no sense, as the doctor has to decide a year ahead what someone might need and therefore what program. How is that possible on an 87 year old, she said. How is it possible on a 56 year old, I said. Last year, at this time, no one could have predicted all this with me. So, I hope you sign the Move On petition if you haven't. Francine is going to sign too.

Up there in radiation world today, I heard someone speak of being in a small town in Texas at a truck stop. What was the talk? How we have to get out of Iraq and how Bush has fouled it up, and our people are being killed and coming home without legs, and it has to stop. So, that is the good news of the day. I feel a bit dizzy with it all, but I now have some cream to help with my rash and all is well with me.

Oh, I went without a hat, and everyone loved it, so no more hats except when I am in the sun, or when I am cold. What a relief! Yay!

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