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I come to the computer this morning feeling a bit demoralized. I  am in physical discomfort. They put a metal strip over the scar before they take a picture. Having that taken on and off yesterday and all the marking and pushing on an already sore area has me feeling a wee bit miserable this morning, but I made it through my shower and I am dressed, and ready to write with Jane and then hop in the car and hope that today moves more smoothly than yesterday. I am moving a long a bit gingerly, though I'm not sure where that term came from since ginger has quite a bite.

So, with all that, I come to the NY Times and guess what is almost front page news today, our little Marin County Point Reyes Light, and a controversy between the new and present editor. I can only laugh at the nuttiness of this world in which we live. Here is an excerpt from the controversy.

    Though its origins run deeper than any single event, Mr. Plotkin and Mr. Mitchell agree, their disagreements spilled into public view after a conversation in Mr. Mitchell's car on Feb. 16 about a quintessential local controversy: a proposed land swap involving the park service and a ranch that would bring development close to the heart of town.

    Mr. Mitchell says he cautioned his successor that if he did not consider the ranchers' views, they would want to wring his neck.

    "I then parodied a rancher getting ready to strangle him," Mr. Mitchell explained. "This was in the context of satirically telling a story."

    Mr. Mitchell added: "Plotkin said I choked him without squeezing. Now, I think that's an oxymoron."

    If the editors of the Point Reyes Light can't get along, well, then, it doesn't bode well, so we also, have the president of Iran writing a letter to Bush informing him  that an invasion of Iraq can  not be reconciled with Christian values. I agree, but find it ironic that Bush needs the president of Iran to point it out. I thought he read the Bible, or maybe just the first page. After all, it is a really long, and, at times, rather dull book.

    I have decided to be present with the pain.  It is.   My own personal raindrops are falling hard today though the sun is brightly out.  In this moment, I have some discomfort, and I am ready to dial Jane, and that brings a smile to my face and soul.   Joy to you all!!

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