Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

presence and poems -

Today, in the shower, I thought about what I was feeling, knowing that presence is truly feeling and honoring what is there, and then, it can change.

When I went to write today, I found two poems from yesterday.  I decided I like them, so I place them here.   They are from last night, and then, there is the poem for this morning.  Jane and I were talking about the theme of  "Getting Along," and so we both began there.  Mine is more personal, my own parts getting along, and hers is more universal, all of us getting along.

May we all continue in celebration of  another whole day!

            Mind Full

I used to water quickly,
check that off my list,
and now I water carefully,
like a monk with one can,
and one plant,
one tree upon a star,
one rose,
with dew rising
up into my nose,
my heart. 



I play my energy today
like a slide trombone
in and out, up and down.
I want my notes to soar
on an open door that fans
the air in welcoming shouts
from the crowds that bobble
the stadium of care -



Getting Along


so many kinds of pain,
a symphony today -
the rash has its own tone
a grating sound
like a stick drawn across a board
formed as a porcupine,
each quill sharp and fast as a 32nd  note.  
The swelling is a drum,
Boom, Boom, Boom.
The scar is a triangle,
Ting, Ting, Ting.
My underarm is a violin,
long notes lifted to the sky.
My gut no longer believes in a grand finale.
The cello come in,
as tears fall,
plucking the strings of a harp.  



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