Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
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White blood cells -

Jeff, the literalist, informs me that white blood cells are actually clear. I read now that they are clear round cells bigger than red blood cells. Hmmmm! I look at a photo on-line, and it looks like the flower of those onions that bloom by the road in spring, that soft, fluffy purpleness, but, of course, if they showed the cell as clear, it would not show up. I wanted to put the photo here, but the computer sort of seized up with the attempt, so just imagine a fluffy, friendly-looking guy, or continue to imagine as you have been doing, or check it out on-line yourself.
I am thinking now, maybe I will envision them as soft, squishy urchins and sea anemones. Anyway, reading of them as transparent reminded me of this poem, which gave me even another image to play with,  the clear, transparent stream. 
Which now reminds me that with the rain coming down like this, Redwood Creek in Muir Woods is filling, and soon the salmon will swarm upstream to breed.  On the solstice, luminaria are placed along the path, and you can enter the woods at night.  It is a wondrous way to welcome the return of the light.  

And so this poem:


    When all thoughts
     Are exhausted
     I slip into the woods
     And gather
     A pile of shepherd's purse.

     Like the little stream
     Making its way
     Through the mossy crevices
     I, too, quietly
     Turn clear and transparent.

            -- Ryokan,
        translated by John Stevens


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