Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Mother's Day!

The day could not be more beautiful.  The sun is softly out, and the birds are singing.  The moon opened up a window of wholeness and joy.

I woke this morning, and then, went back to sleep, and woke again, and did the same, and so I am well-rested.  I am a whole, full moon.

I woke the last time, realizing that each one of us mothers others.  We all are very good at taking care of our family and friends, and I am speaking of males and females here.  Let us all, today, take some moments to mother ourselves.

I remember how hard Mother's Day used to be for me when my sons were young.  I would hear them in the kitchen with their dad, making breakfast for me to eat in bed.  One would go out and pick a flower for the vase.  They would watch me eat.  I would feel so guilty, and then, there would be a whole day that was mine.  Whatever I wanted,  they would provide.  They were so enthusiastic in their giving joy.  I had trouble receiving that.  I kept wanting to carry something or wash a dish.  I wouldn't have any trouble with that today.  I have learned to receive, and in that, I can take care of myself, better care than before.  I slept in this morning,and it was delicious.  I saw that gorgeous full moon rise and it tucked me right in.  Usually, I rise on a full moon night to check it out.  It is so amazing I want to be sure it is still there. I like watching it move across the sky, but not last night.  I slept right through, and it moved on its own across the sky. 

Look! This morning came, and the moon has slipped away.

I hope everyone gives themselves full Mother pats today, full Mother Love, and soon it will be Father's Day, and we can honor that energy too.

Clasp hands today, your own and everyone else's.  It is a most glorious day and time to be alive.  Let all problems slide!!  It is Mother's Day, and Mother Earth is offering herself fully to us.  She holds no grudge.  She knows we are silly creatures who will one day grow up.   We are on our way!!  

Mother's Day!!  Nurturing Day.  Let's slide like the moon across the sky.  Let's Play!!

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