Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

My morning flow is tribute -

 I began this morning in Stanley's hands, and ended in Charlotte Selver's, a woman who taught sensory awareness until she died at 102.  This is my morning tribute to two people I love.

Stanley Kunitz dies.

He dances even more firmly

with the stars,

with the petals that drew him in

to a conversation of touch

and scent sensed, no words.

And yet no one could wrap and unwrap language

like Stanley.  He used words like snakes, twining

and untwining, building to a crescendo the storm

within us all, that permeates, permutes, and falls.




I see Stanley in the garden,

picking roses, hauling seaweed from the beach.

He knew poetry was his world, the mythological.

He needed that creation,

because his mother allowed no mention

of his father who committed suicide

before he was born,

so he created father from the dew

inside the flower,

that sweet place of nectar

where we feast

when we look inside

and find where the meeting of the fairies resides.

Intricacy no longer hides as intimacy

opens the doors beyond our eyes. 


I sit up straight to capture some words,

and Mandu sits up straight, too,

and Stanley round us swerves. 


Don’t use your eyes like forks,

Charlotte Selver used to say,

another one who swept past

one hundred years to stir

a century and more

in her probing,

sensitive hands. 

Through her, my eyes became bowls

and the world,  food.  

There is no need for utensils

when there’s nothing to pick apart.  


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