Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Ah, awe - ahhhhhhh!!!

I am done!!!

What  a day!!!    When I made an altar for the goodies I brought, and lit the candles, I said to Steve, the nurse, that  it felt appropriate since I realized it is like a church.  It is a healing place.  He said I pray for you all every day.   Am  I touched?   You bet!!

It was lovely, and my giggling bee was a hit, and is now on the mirror so when people walk in to the radiation room,  they can squeeze his tummy and hear him giggle.  The candles are still lit.

There was one amazing hitch.   I went in and laid down perfectly.  I have it figured out for the 33 rd time, so there is no need to adjust and they mark away and set it all up, and leave the room.  There is a little clicky sound as it  programs, and then, today, everything dies, except the lights which come on because they are on a generator.  Unbelievable.  So, I lie there with my arm up, and they go to get the physicist who fixes it, and away we go, but, for more than a moment, I thought tomorrow was going to be the last day, not today.  I could only laugh.  It seemed so funny, and that is what I am noticing.  I am laughter.  You know how Tibetan monks are always laughing?  The Dalai Lama is always chuckling, and I remember being outside the monastery at Tengboche at 13, 000 feet in Nepal, and hearing all this laughter.  I think they worship on the belly laugh.  Well, I like it.  It is my new path, and this has given me quite a belly with which to laugh.  I am JOY!!

As an aside, I learned in this whole thing, that when they do reconstructive breast surgery, they use the tummy, so they don't want women to get too thin.  I am not worried about being too thin, but found it interesting to know. 

Also, today, I rolled my eyes back when I was lying there, and what did I see?  There is a dragonfly up there, in the marsh, a copper one, attached by a magnet to the metal that defines the ceiling.  Amazing!!   Now, I can fly, and there is no bee, so my bee is perfect, though he is reflecting in the mirror and not the pond.

I met Chris for lunch at Noonan's in Larkspur Landing.  Jeff and Jan had hoped to drive down but she got jury duty at 11:15 today,  so Chris and I had a wonderful celebration.  I had two glasses of yummy French champagne at $13.75 apiece.  When are you ever going to have so much to celebrate?   I feel worth it.   At this point, I am quite an expensive venture.  I am hoping I don't have much else of this magnitude to celebrate any time soon.  Our waitress was wonderful and joined in, even bringing a plate for some goodies I got at the bakery.

I am satiated.  I thought of driving north to see Jeff and Jan, but this is just enough, and everyday is a celebration.  I have time.   I have time!!  I have time!

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