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In Ariana Strozzi's book, Horse Sense for the Leader Within, she says that "Ninety-eight percent of the women I work with live in a story that they are not good enough."  Now, it could be that she is working with an unusual group of women, since that seems like an unfathomable statistic, but she actually works with some pretty high-powered women on developing their leadership skills. 

Everytime I type Ariana, I think of Arianna Huffington and her flamboyancy and her blog.  I keep reading how our minds are triggered toward one thing which is why it is so hard sometimes to get out of the box.  Chris and I saw a short video one time where we were told to focus on people passing a ball.  A person in a gorilla suit walked through the ball game and hardly anyone saw him, because they were focused on the ball.  I read about a similar experiment in Scientific American this month.  When Chris and I did it, some people were adament it was a different film, but seen slowed down, it was clear we had missed what was obvious. It is time to open our eyes a little more clearly and see what we often don't see.  It is also time for women to change their mind-set.  We are more than good enough.

I have dealt with many women in this healing procedure.  Women initiated a good deal of the support systems.  Francine discovered that working with the breath protected the heart and lung.  It is celebrate nurses day.  Let us celebrate the nurse in ourselves, the healer, and know and demonstate and feel how good we are. 

Ariana Strozzi quotes George Leonard from his book Mastery.  The idea is "that leadership is a practice that we mature into as we progress in life."

    George Leonard's words:

       "How long will it take to master aikido?" a prospective student asks.  "How long do you expect to live?" is the only respectable response.  Ultimately, practice is the path to mastery. If you stay on it long enough, you'll find it is a vivid place, with its ups and downs, its challenges and comforts, its surprises, disappointments, and unconditional joys.  You'll take your share of bumps and bruises while traveling - bruises of the ego as well as of the body, mind, and spirit - but it might well turn out to be the most reliable thing in your life."

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