Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

continuing with Ariana Strozzi -

Ariana Strozzi points out that fear is a biological necessity for survival.   She says we need to feel our fear, and, then, feel what we are afraid of.  The "underlying animal fear for survival drives us unknowingly and, unless examined, becomes a contraction away from life.

She quotes Peter Koestenbaum, in an interview in Fast Company, 2000.   He says:

    "One of the gravest problems in life is self-limitation:  We create defense mechanisms to protect us from the anxiety that  comes with freedom.  We refuse to live our full potential ... We limit how we live so that we can limit the amount of anxiety that we experience ....

     No significant decision - personal or organizational - has ever been undertaken without being attended by an existential crisis, or without a commitment to wade through anxiety, uncertainty and guilt.

     That is what we mean by transformation.  You can't just change how you think or the way that you act - you must change the way that you will.  You must gain control over the patterns that govern your mind; your world view, your beliefs about what you deserve and about what is possible."

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