Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Dreams -

My dreams right now seem to be of losing possessions and home.  In today's dream, I am visiting a mother and her two daughters.  They are soon to have no place to live.  The younger daughter convinces the town's people to make their home a museum, and they will live there.  In the dream, she is hungry, and connives a loaf of bread from the baker.  I see her chewing it, needing it.  I feel her hunger.  I have never really been hungry in my life, so it is an interesting concept.  I think what am I hungry for now.  It certainly isn't food, but there is something I am needing, perhaps.  Anyway, my interpretation of these dreams is what I am feeling in my life.  Who am I now?   I need purpose in life, and so I am turning around in this new world, waiting for my compass to find direction, so I can begin to walk.  I read of leaves and their response to our thoughts.  I once had a branch of a redwood tree reach out to comfort me when I was sad.  I think nature is my compass for now, and dreams, my guide.  

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