Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Thought turns to cows -

Somehow, this morning, Jane and I both ended up with the image of cows in our poems. I offer you hers, then, mine.


the day rises in fullness
gladdening everything under its canopy
a celebration of small things,

morning moonrise
and the cow whose nose
froths the wet grass
with pearled breaths
one upon the other,

free of sorrow.

Ah, I breathe that in. 
My writing this morning was filled with a mist of tears not yet dropped, and yet, I, too, felt "free of sorrow."
We wrote from the same place.

Three Days til my Second Chemo Treatment   

what is here now
in the moist realm
of tears
right behind my eyes
waiting to fall
        from warmth
and open outside,
perhaps to slide down
         my nose,
even into my mouth,
a circular ride, for those tears,
        not ready yet,
         to dry,
to the crystalline structure,
        of salt
        on my cheeks -
not ready yet to fix in form
        what loves to move
        through me now,
             like a line of cows -
    to the taste
 of the green of the grass,
            one atom different,
                than the flow
                of blood
                    the heart
                    and the lungs. 
        Adraimycin -
                Can I see it as cleanse?
                   Red fluid pushed
                    through my vein   
                        by a nurse,
                        named Martha,
         as I chew the cud of non-thought,
             like a cow,
peacefully planted,
                 on the plains




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