Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

connecting the dots -

Amazon has given me free two day shipping for three months.  They are giving me a chance to try out how wonderful it is, so I will be addicted to no book taking longer than two days to get here, and so will pay $79.00 per year for the privilege.  I just ordered a book and I must admit it is pretty fun.  The book will be here Wednesday, and,  of course, for right now, it is free, and will continue to seem that way, I am sure, if I pay with my credit card the yearly rate.  For now, free delivery for three months.  Now, is that a good thing?

I note that Google has a Sherlock Holme's like character today as part of their Google Logo, and so, I am thinking it must be the birthday of Sherlock, but now, I realize it is probably a nod to The Da Vinci Code, which is taking us all over, with pieces of intrigue, mystery, and solving of code.   The world is rich indeed, rich enough for a multitude of beliefs. 

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