Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

"Change the dream."

In The Soul of Money, Lynne Twist writes of John Perkins who heads his own organization called the Dream Change Coalition.   In his work with indigenous Amazonian people, he has learned that the job is to "change the dream" of the modern world.    What does that mean?

Lynne writes:

    "Changing the dream may really mean to see the world completely differently - as indigenous people do.  They see a world that is totally suffficient, animated with spirit, intelligent, mystical, responsive, and creative - constantly generating and regenerating itself in harmony with the great diversity of resources that support and collaborate with one another through the mystery of life.  They see human beings as part of that great mystery, each human being having an infinite capacity to create, collaborate, and contribute."

She quotes "Inuit Wisdom." 

    "Words do not label things already there.  Words are like the knife of a carver.  They free the idea, the thing, from the general formlessness of the outside.  As a man speaks, not only is his language in a state of birth, but also the very thing about which he is talking."

She reminds us of Bush's response to 9-11.  Go shopping.   What kind of response is that?   The American flag was portrayed as a giant shopping bag, with the words, "America Open for Business."   Rather sick, isn't it, since, then, we decided we had to kill other people from a country that wasn't even involved. 

Lynne quotes the Indian scholar Shantideva:

    While " we have no hope of finding enough leather to cover the earth so that we never prick our feet on a thorn, actually we do not need to.  Enough to cover the soles of our feet will suffice."

She reminds us again of the wonderful words of Teilhard de Chardin: "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience."

Lynne sees our use of money as "a direct expression of one's deepest sense of self."  It is a practice, and we work at it.   We work at it everyday.

Amazingly, a friend calls and we have a good discussion on this subject of money, energy, passion, and where our focus is now.  She and I are each a bit in the unknowing right now, and that is okay.  Our intention is set.   May we each find, follow,  and fulfill our bliss, as Joseph Campbell suggests we do.

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