Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Morning Flow -

Here is my morning poem.

Letting Go of Being Good


Nothing in nature is immobile.


Glaciers move, melt, build.

Mountains rise and fall.

Volcanoes erupt and quiet.

The world is busy above and below,

while we try and hold a picture perfect

posture of being “good.”  

Today I announce an intention,

of letting go of a snapping turtle shot

of what I “should” or could do.

My interest is mobility. 

No rigid stance

fits now to now. 

I am a mobile, pieces hanging loose,

turning in the wind,

a wind,

blown through my mouth,

nose and toes.

I am a kite,

a white knight, and a red, green, yellow, and blue knight too.

I ride the colors of the rainbow,

sprinkle cookie crumbs, and scent the air with a noble perfume. 

Ah, you say, but the noble gases are inert, unreactive,

except for argon, krypton and xenon.

Well, yes, you see.  I’ve moved up the periodic table

          to mark my own chart.

I’m not big on gaining and losing electrons,

but I do like moving within my valence shell,

          and so I do.

                   Here is my shoe.

                              My toes wiggle,

                                      an invitation,  

                                            to you.



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