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I take a walk around the block and visit my local park, Eastwood Park.  I am hopeful that the once again ripped out playground equipment is back in, but, no, now the whole park is torn up and blocked off.  There is no grass.  The benches are gone.  All is set up for paving.  The swirled path and circled areas are defined by strips of wood and Rebar.   

The bond issue we passed for parks is on display, as is our governor’s name.  I voted for this bond issue, and now, I am aghast.  The park of the past fit the neighborhood, Little City Farms, an area of non-county maintained streets and plants of their own choice growing on the un-used land. 

Since GGNRA took over Tennessee Valley, there is prolific “signage.”  Each time I go there, there is a new sign imparting some bit of information I could discover on my own if I were interested.  The latest sign informs me how many miles it is to Oregon.    When is “signage” pollution?   What if we learned the signs of nature instead?

I used to think a park meant nature.  Eastwood Park now seems to mean landscaping, and land scraping.   I am appalled.   I used to walk over there with Jeff and Chris, and the space was open, so we could play ball.  Now, it is divided into a paved path and circles, and who knows what will be where the grass was.  Right now, it is dirt.  The parking lot is divided for paving. 

I used to vote for every bond issue devoted to parks and education.  Now, I am considering.  It sounds great to have new parks, but what is happening there looks ridiculous in this moment,  and does not fit the neighborhood, and a bond issue is borrowed money.  The park worked fine as it was before, but, of course, this provides jobs, so we can say the economy is doing well, and meanwhile, our children have no place to play, but workers have jobs.   


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