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Naming -

There is a big sewer project in Tam Valley, so there are many interesting construction trucks visiting down by the marsh.  I was walking along, and a mother was walking along, pointing out each different truck, and saying "tractor" for each one to her young child.  Now, there were all sorts of trucks,  bulldozers, and trench-diggers, and who knows what else.  I just went on-line to check out the number of different construction vehicles.  It is an unimaginable number.  I remember when Jeff and Chris had their Tonka and Fisher Price, bulldozers, dump trucks, concrete mixer, and trench digger.  It seems important somehow to call things by their right name.  I say this, after saying I didn't bother to find out what bird was cheering me each spring day.  What has changed?

I'm not sure, but someone informed me of a 60th birthday celebration where the birthday man was asked to consider and celebrate each decade of his life.  What had he learned in each decade?  I sat down and tried to consider what I have learned in each of my decades.  I haven't figured it out yet, not enough to define or name, and yet, I can feel the value of it, the value of placing the pieces of our puzzle together, with the stamp of definition, and division. 

I read an article on Soichiro Honda, the man who started Honda, against what were considered impossible odds.  He made motorcyles accessible.  I remember my golden Honda 90 I took to college.  I loved the ease of that bike.  The article says Mr. Honda " was driven at the core by a dream."  Mr. Honda also learned that "the physical world doesn't yield its secrets to effort alone," so he went back to school to learn metallurgy. 

"Mr. Honda learned to reach goals by breaking with tradition and accepted views that stood between himself and his goals.  His novel way of seeing the world owed much to his playful sense of humor.  Learning early and through hard apprenticeship that unconventional ideas could work, he applied this directness to everything in his life. He showed famous disrespect for status, believing that work dignified the workman, and that therefore work clothes and cap were equally appropriate for financial meetings or shop visits. He expected to be judged by his actions, not by the cut of his suit, and applied the same standard to his associates.  Knowing himself, he knew that people of any education or background could have useful ideas."

We own three Honda vehicles.  I read this article and understand why.  I look at the American car manufacturers and feel very sad for them.   They forgot to look at the market, and respond. 

And this goes back to naming.  If we label every contruction vehicle, a tractor, then, how can we discern the different jobs they do, and the different jobs we, too, are able to do.   Mr. Honda learned by doing it all, construction, and orchestration.  May we each intend the same.   

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