Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

My Poem of Today -


                         To Jimbo, Mentors, and the Horses of Marin Stables

Why do I struggle to write on the horses,

    to say what they mean to me?

Do I not want to put the right brain

    in the reins of the left?

                And yet,

    this is about balance, and neutrality,

    raising our energy, and lowering it,

    responding to demand, and need.

        I feel desire there, trust.

I lost so much in this experience of cancer

and treatment -  absolutely every hair - gone.

                I was bare, naked.

My eyes felt huge, and hugeness is still there,

reinforced and reflected in horse eyes - horse heart.

    I feel secure as though I have four legs,

    and when I ride on the back of the horse,

            supported by lungs and sit bones,

                        guided by mine,

                          I feel aligned. 

                Horse time.

                        Words drop and splat,


                                     the air. 


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