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Acupuncture -

I had an acupuncture session today to try and deal with this with my feet, though it seems we have to get me a little bit built up too, and slowly it goes.  I am doing much better since last time I went, and the lung meridians are down, and the lungs are grief, so it makes sense as I am grieving.   When I said I felt the trauma of this now, she pointed out I had been CUT, POISONED, AND BURNED.  That put it in perspective.  I have a reason to feel traumatized now that I am letting go so I can feel.  She said some people choose never to feel it, but since I am choosing to, I need to be kind to myself.  She reminded me she had given me a prescription for naps.  I took the prescription two days, and then, forgot.  Today, I feel tired.

She said it takes at least a year to heal from this.  Most women take two to three years, but since I seem to have a strong constitution, I may do it in a year, but it takes a year to go through all the seasons and fully renew.    She has a tapestry, that you use to see how you feel.  I was at the bottom last time, and almost near the top this time, and I could feel how much better I am doing, and I fell asleep in the session and I feel tired now.   There is no judgment, of course, as to where you are on the tapestry.  All the people on it are happy, exactly where they are, and I am motivated to climb today.  Tomorrow, I may root. 

I also brought in different supplements I was taking, or that I have used in the past.  She said algae has lead in it, no algae.  I pass that on, as I know I am not the only one who thought blue-green algae was a marvelous thing.  She is also very careful to build me up, before adding certain supplements.  She said she could give me adrenals, but I don't have the base to support them, so though it might feel like I had more energy, it would ultimately wear me out and not be the right thing.  I have self-diagnosed myself in the past, but I think now it is good  to listen to doctors of eastern and western medicine.  She also said she would have advised me to do exactly what I did, and now I build myself back up.  Anyway, I am feeling tired this evening, and part of that is recognizing that I am learning to feel it, and to balance a little better now.  I think of how we laugh when children don't know they are tired and need to go to bed, but I wonder if each of us has a little bit of that still lingering.  I'm going to do better on remembering my naps.

Someone was talking to me about a teacher who is so nurturing you feel like you are in kindergarten.  Perhaps, we need that sometimes, and maybe we can give it to ourselves.  Remember the little rugs we had in kindergarten, or were they towels?   Perhaps, snuggling with something right now is a good idea.

Well, I can't say night, night, as it is still light and bright, but, how about, soft evening and snuggle, cuddle, buggle,  wrap and rest. 

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