Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

I'm feeling well this morning, softly well, and comfortably  well.  I am beginning to build a reserve of energy.  I feel some water jiggling in my well.   Also, my feet are doing better.  What is left is some tingling in the balls of my toes, and that is rather fun, like bells ringing and gymnists tumbling.   The sand has washed to sea.

                    I give you a joyful tidbit from Ode magazine this month.   

     "Researchers at the University of Milan have discovered that white wine and white grape juice contain some of the same substances as Tamiflu, which many scientists consider the most effective defense against all types of flu, including avian flu.  White wine contains shikimic acid and quercetin, the main ingredients in Chinese star anise plant to make Tamiflu.  So drinking a glass a day could have preventive effects."

I am with memories this weekend, and, also,  with today.  This Memorial Day weekend is incredibly beautiful.  I woke from a dream where my mother and I were going to the Cliff House for lunch.  She loved the Cliff House, and would have loved its new re-model, and the full capacity of the views. 

I believe this weekend welcoming summer is a beautiful platform on which to breathe our thoughts of those we love who have passed.  It is a day to believe we live forever in an incredibly creative revolving and evolving of forms, in and out, night and day.  The world is joyous, a child at play.    Let's toast with white wine, or white grape juice,  to that!

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