Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

I am reading a book by Claude M. Bristol, written in 1948, and called The Magic of Believing.  What he wanted in his life was money so he doodled dollar signs at every opportunity.   Perhaps, I have never been that desperate, but I can't find myself with his suggestion of doodling dollar signs.  I doodle daisies.  In the past, I doodled five petaled daisies, but, since this happened my daisies have gained an extra petal or two, and have six or seven petals.  I wonder if the petals represent the achievements of my life, or, perhaps they are the decades.  What I do feel is how deeply I grow and create from within.  I wake feeling myself internally this morning, my throat like the throat of a flower, a bird the sky, a throat created to blossom, sing, and expand.  I  bounce objects across it, like the sky, the moon and the stars.  

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