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This is an amazing link.  Check it out.   I bet you never realized all that you were inviting when you did yoga.  Watch out!!


June 24th is backyard campout night, so you might want to plan to sleep outside that night in your yard, on a deck, or a balcony, or at a neighbor or friend's outdoor place.

The outdoor night is especially important for children as the point is to get children outside into nature, so they learn from it, and reverence it. 

Richard Louv writes this in National Wildlife Federation this month.  "Americans must address the growing need for bonds between nature and children to improve the health and well-being of both."

A 2005 report by the Kaiser Family Foundation, "revealed that kids' average weekly electronic-media exposure is almost 45 hours, more time than most parents spend at full-time jobs."   Children and parents are so busy shuffling between work, school, games, and shopping that American kids have no time in their own yards.  The author says the days of the free-roaming childhood of the 50's is past.  We need now to consciously incorporate nature into ours and our children's lives. 

"Sixty-eight percent of young people have TV's in their rooms.  Half of all youths live in homes where TVs are on most or all of the time, whether anyone is watching or not."

Part of the problem is that parents are afraid to let children out of their sight.   "By 1990 the radius within which children were allowed to roam on their own had shrunk to a ninth of what it had been in 1970."  And yet, amazingly the danger has gone down.  "U.S. children are safer now that they have been at any time since 1975, and violent victimization of children has dropped by more than 38 percent, according to the 2005 Duke University "Child Well Being Index."

Amazingly 95% of Americans support environmental education in schools.  It seems important since it seems we all need a dose of knowing.  "Only 17 percent of Americans know that the fuel efficiency of the average American vehicle has decreased during the past decade."  "45 million Americans wrongly believe that the ocean is a source of drinking water."   And the article goes on.

The point is to go outside tonight and ogle the lovely little sliver of moon, that will be much bigger tonight than last night.  Have fun playing in the light, while giving thanks that you can. 

One ten year old in CA said "I like to play indoors better "cause that's where all the electrical outlets are."   In Nepal, most places have no power at all, and even in Kathmandu the power rotates, so it was usual where I stayed for the power to go out each evening at 6.  Perhaps, a dose of that would be good for us here.   It's fun to light a candle and be awake. 

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