Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

My Morning Flow!


creating my own swell -


It has been a high, high tide,

and now the tide is low

shells exposed,

and food risen to the top.

I create my own swell now,

pick and choose.

I am the gull diving,

the sandpiper on the beach,

with long legs and curved beak,

a curlew.

I’ve grown now,

new skills of survival.

I am a Swiss army knife,

the latest model,


I open one blade and cut

what is superfluous

and gather it up in a beautiful bouquet for display,

and then, I dig in the dirt to plant

what is mine to eat and share. 

I create my own swell,

in water, earth, and air. 



flowers rise from the earth

a ground swell tapping a beat,

that is seen and felt

where earth and air meet.

The roots of the sky lean down,

and slowly drink.


Green are the apples at times in me.

Pippins! Perfect for making apple pie.


Red are the cherries,  Bing, and Rainier,

stirring like locusts to cleanse.

Orange are the tangerines and apricots sharpening

and smoothing the wandering planes.

Yellow are the plums, and purple, red, and blue.

White is the mildew, that says I’ve moved on

to something new.   I’m caught in the rise as I ground in the dirt,

and colors mix like molecules,

sniffing,  alert. 


Does time come in molecules,

chemically composed ?

Can we touch it, bounce it, sow it in rows?

Is it the block holding space in line,

as it curves like the flight of a long-distance bird,

shaping the hand of the earth,

as it burns?



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