Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Owl Friends!

This morning was cold, and yet, my owl friend was "whooing" away, cheerful as can be. He is like a symphony of whooooos. I consider as he sings in the dark before the light. He must be full of gophers and mice. It seems he is celebrating the end of his evening before he curls up to sleep. I guess he is a party animal, who loves each day to cheerfully great the dawn. Around here, the roosters don't rise until eight. Our alarm clock is the owl, reminding us to rise and help lift the pink hem of the sky before it settles into a blanket of blue.

I am reminded of my friend Karena and her owl experience. There was an owl we both loved that lived in a Eucalyptus tree at Tennessee Valley. One morning she was awakened early, when it was still dark, and she was "called" to come immediately to the tree. She found "our" owl scattered and torn. She brought home a wing, and gave me a feather. Communion between species, earth, tree, and sky is so clear when the stars back up to give us the light of one sun.

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