Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
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Common Sense -

I read this morning that traffic changes on the Bay bridge were confusing today, so the commute will be longer.  The commute was complicated today by a driver who didn't understand English and so simply stopped his car on the freeway.  He was rear-ended, and that car was rear-ended.   Caltrans said they can't print directions in every language.   That does not seem to be the point.  We don't even know if this person can read.  The literacy rate is hardly soaring in this country, and it is hard to drive and sound out the letters of a new sign and possibly find their coherence in a word.  The point is that you never stop your car on the freeway.   

I feel like I am ranting this morning, and yet, I am actually in an incredibly good mood.  I just have some concerns about this country as I read about the level of those running for political office, and the competence of those who will be voting for them.   Are we evolved enough for this modern world we have created? 

One thing that seems certain is that we can't  stop in the middle of the road while we decide where to go.   At least pull off to the side and rest!!   You see, everything eventually comes back to me, and perhaps that is how it should be.  Circle home.  Park your car, and rest.   All you need is within, and at the nearest store, and work place, and on and on.   When I was young, my mother loved the soap opera As the World Turns.  Somehow I remember the "evil" Lisa to this day.  And flowers are pointing their noses at me, and peering in the window.  We take a whiff of each other this day.

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