Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

thoughts on matter -

I realize that though I am trying to let go of the concept of "mind over matter," where I think if I want it enough, or believe it enough, I can have it or do it, I still strongly believe our thoughts influence our lives.  I think my belief in my healing, my desire for it,  and mental involvement in it, influenced the process and progress of my healing, and my doctors agree.  They wanted the energy of my enthusiasm harnessed for my healing.   I am just seeing there is a limit to that, and, there, are times, when I need, when my body, and maybe it is my mental, spiritual, and physical body, need rest.   I am trying to find the balance of activity and rest.   Today, I sit with stretching the pause between my breaths.   I have time to inhale and exhale, to renew, pause, and generate zest.

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