Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

In the mysteries -

Jane and I found ourselves in the mysteries  this morning, as again our poems seemed to criss and to cross.
I began here:


White Tara,
Mother Mary,
Head bowed, hands together in prayer,
Angels -
Those seem to be my guides for today,
My visualizations for white blood cells,
and peace -
I live with the doves today
wrapped in a scarf from a friend
with soft rainbows on the ends -
I feel like the sun
offered a gift
for my tears.




I keep the blinds closed today,
not ready yet to see the light
touch the hills -
I need to feel the dark places inside,
the deep, rich soil,
so potent, and pungent,
I need to stay in that inner place
where rocks are hills
and pebbles slides
and the sun
a wafer
like a hum
the body
and mind


Jane wrote:


The winter greens and lettuce seeds are in the ground.
Cloud-blanket harbors earth against infinity.
Soon the rains will come and we will eat.
Blessing is another word for help.

I write:


I cannot shake this cold.
I blow my nose,
and cough.
Is it a ritual to occupy my mind,
some way to cross my heart
at the door
before I enter
again the mine
that is less unknown than before
and where this time,
diamonds, like frost,
with the facets
newly carved
on the points
from Source




Do the clouds struggle
to form
like a fire
when piled up paper
and wet sticks
don’t want to catch
even when re-arranged for more air -
closeness and air
like a relationship
on twigs -
til begun -


 And Jane:

Another Chance
Then we had brought the smoke into our own house.
Our wants were stilled by fear.
Speaking turned to asking turned to silent prayer and
finally to silence. It was a time of waiting,
not of hope. Being visible was dangerous,
even looking.

May your own mysteries probe and be probed today.   Let them thrive, aware.
Shine a light on the suns within -  Be In!!   And Out!!   Circle suns, like goddesses and gods.   
Twinkle, like stars, in and out.   




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