Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Poetic Gratification -

Tonight, a lovely warm night, I went to a poetry reading.  I knew three of the readers, and one taught both of my sons in third grade.   We hadn't seen each other in years, and she recognized me and she looks just the same, and she loved my hair.  She had absolutely no idea I had been through chemo and radiation.  I was told it would be six months on the hair, and it fell out on December 7th.  Tomorrow is June 7th.  I "pass" now for a "normal" person.  I am thrilled.

And the poetry - oh, my - it was stunning.   When someone stands up and reads from their heart what they have agonized over and composed, well, it really is something.   There are poetry readings all over the bay area.  Attend some.  There was no one there tonight who was not a husband or friend of the readers.  That seems sad to me, that so few of us heard such incredible creativity, heart and soul.  It was an incredible night.   And on top of that, the moon is shining.  It's more than half.

I haven't turned on the news for election results.  I am savoring the crooning of words in my head.   Some were funny.  Some were formed.   All were important.  I enjoyed a wonderful sharing feast.   Also, truffles were passed and we all took one.  The introducer said it would sweeten our experience.  It was sweet enough without the truffle, and who could turn down a truffle.  Not I.   Sleep tight.   Sweet dreams and dancing, lunar light. 

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