Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Satisfaction -

I realize it is to be satisfied with the energy we have.  I have just enough. 

The New Yorker reviews and highly recommends the Al Gore movie, "An Inconvenient Truth" this week.   The review ends with these lines.

    "But in person - he is on a speaking tour to promote the movie - he presents a combination of intellectual force, emotional vibrancy, and moral urgency that has hardly been seen in American public life in recent years.  It will be interesting to watch how skeptics will deal with Gore's bad news on the environment without making themselves look very small."

    I hope this foretells a change. 

There is a wonderful new sculpture at the Sculpture Garden at the new De Young.  It is Joan Miro's La Maternite.   Timothy Anglin Bugard writes about it in "Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco."  Here is one paragraph from his article. 

    "La Maternite (1973) explores one of the oldest themes in art: maternity or motherhood.  Like famous antecedents such as the Paleolithic Willendorf Venus, almost every element of the sculpture's pneumatic form embodies associations with womanhood and motherhood, including the swelling and growth associated with sexuality, fertility, and pregnancy.  The central oval opening resembles abstracted female sexual organs, a womblike recess, or the split in an embryonic seed or cell.  The void in this opening suggests that fertilization has not yet taken place, or perhaps that a birth has already occurred."

It certainly seems like a fertile time for a visit to the De Young.  Its now empty womb calls to be filled with our presence.  Let's go!!   City Ho!!


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