Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

The day softly begins.   For some reason I begin with reading the paper, probably not the wisest move, but here I am.   I realize now, I should say, I read the news.  I read on-line, and yet, I still say I read the paper.   Time to advance my use of language.  

I appreciate the advice of an op-ed contributor to the NY Times who suggests we outsource  the executive office  to China and India as a way to save corporate money.  Why not?  Other jobs are outsourced.  Why not their's?     "I.B.M.'s chief executive, Samuel J. Palmisano, who has been moving jobs to India, last year saw his total compensation rise 19 percent to $18.9 million — even as the total return for his company's stock fell 16 percent."   Let's get a local guy to supervise, one who understands math.  

I also want to applaud  "George Voinovich of Ohio and Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, Republicans who broke with their party to help block consideration of the repeal of the estate tax.   Mr. Voinovich said, rightly, that the idea of eliminating the tax under current conditions was "incredibly irresponsible and intellectually dishonest."

I saw Caroline Kennedy on Jon Stewart the other night.  What a wonderfully poised and competent woman has emerged from childhood tragedy.  She admitted it is not so easy anymore to find politicians for the Profiles in Courage spots.  They are there, but you have to look.  Maybe now it will become easier.  Stephen Colbert led the way.  May others now follow on speaking out for what is morally right, and may they vote their conscience, not their bank account. 

I feel cheery today.  I can read the news and not be brought down.  It is part of the whole.  I enjoy all the varieties of birds and their songs, and the space inbetween.   Enjoy a quiet, twittering, cooing, quivering, caw and ork filled day.  

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