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I find myself touching universality.   My sorrow is universal, not connected to anything in particular.  I am simply absorbed in the miracle of a bird building a nest, twig by twig, and, then, having a place to lay an egg, something that comes from within, fertilized by another.  How amazing is that?   And birds fly, and walk on the ground, and swim.  They are adapted to their niche.  I want to know all niches somehow, while still resting in my own.

Here are the first three paragraphs of Jon Carroll's column today.

"Good news! According to a survey by something called Common Sense media, 85 percent of parents distrust the Internet the most. Eight-five percent think their children are more likely to be imperiled by the Internet, versus 13 percent for TV, 1 percent for videos and 1 percent for radio.

I have no opinion about which medium is most dangerous, and I tend to be suspicious of any group calling itself "Common Sense" anything, because "common sense" usually means "unexamined beliefs," but let's say the poll is right. I want the poll to be right. Why? Because newspapers didn't even make the list.

Apparently no parents at all thought their children were in danger from newspapers. Parents would let their children read newspapers anytime, anywhere. There would be no prior censorship. Kids could have newspapers lying around their rooms, and parents would suspect nothing. Malign influences in a newspaper, a sweet innocent little newspaper? Of course not. Sure, we write about sex and violence and alternative lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits, but in a really bland way."

Stay safe.  Read a paper paper.  Don't risk this way.

I wish you, instead, a perilous day!   : )


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