Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

checking in -

Jane and I work this morning with our poems of December 14 and 15 where we are looking at the December light and feeling nourished, and, also,  feeling great appreciation for life and our surroundings. 

I sit now with my feelings around all of this.  We are realizing the denseness in the poems, at least for us.  We are greatly affected, and I am affected in a different way than I expected.  I am realizing the fullness of those moments, where my day consisted of eating and feasting on my own observations.  There was no expectation.  I think I feel sadness today, and the sadness is not connected to anything going on, because my life is fine, and it is whole.

Jane's friend died in a motorcycle accident yesterday.  My father died in a motorcycle accident when I was 19, but I am not feeling sad about that.  I understand now that  what I am calling  sadness is feeling the preciousness of each life, and how closely we are connected as one life.  We really are connected through the breath and the air, and what we ingest, consume, and eliminate.    I realize it is not sadness I feel, but simply deep feeling.  I am feeling deeply in that tender place in my heart, the place where the pistil and stamen meet in the flower, the place of deepest feeling where joy and sorrow meet, hold hands and spread pollen,  connect as one.

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