Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Morning -

Good Morning!!   I realize when I wake feeling well, I read the news.  Hmph on today's news.

Here is Bush.

"My message to the Iraqi people is this: seize the moment." 

I can just imagine how if I were sitting there with my life destroyed and in danger, my children at risk, possibly with no water or electricity, how it would feel to have the person who caused my problems telling me to seize the moment.  What moment?   The miserable one he has given me, and how like Bush that he would use the word "Seize," a military term of conquering and capture.

How about find peace in the moment?    May each of us find peace in the moments despite our photo opportunity president in his staged comeback to try and  raise his sinking approval rating.  I guess he follows his own advice.  He seizes the moment, and squeezes every bit of truth out of it he can so he can stand there like he has actually accomplished something, rather than killing and wounding a whole heck of a lot of innocent people. 

Have a great day and know that "An Inconvenient Truth" will out-speak Bush.  

Too  many of us know someone who is dead or wounded because of Bush's grand-standing to forget what his arrogance has done.   We'll seize the moment all right, and in that seized moment, throw him out in the grass, dry grass, Texas grass, the kind that needs bull-shit to keep it alive.   There, Bush will thrive. 


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