Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

Here are Jane's two poems from today.  She says, "I do not know what they mean, and, yet,  here they are."
I wonder how often this is true of us all. 


Heaven on Earth

In a waking dream, weakness leaves the body of the earth.
Standing still I feel power rise through my feet like water through a tree.
Bounty surrounds my quiet center.
I mark the season. The vault of heaven is my map.

Strange lands and separation are my lot.

The sunrise builds a fire on the mountain.
I chop a limb for wood and warmth.
A bird nest falls.
I carry it inside my coat.

I love these two poems.  I feel "power rise through my feet like water through a tree."   "Bounty surrounds my quiet center."   "The vault of heaven is my map."   Today, I carry a bird nest inside my coat, knowing the bird appears in the notes from the song in  my heart.  


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