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Steve thinks "running away" means you are making a statement;  you are upset and off you go.  I was using it as a term for making a little pack, and heading out to explore.  The family circle is not enough and must be enlarged, so off you go, until hunger or cold strike, and then, home you return. 

What I do see as I read Gerald Durell's book My Family and Other Animals is that he had an incredible amount of freedom and it all worked out.  I, also, had a great deal of freedom, as did most children of the 50's and earlier.  Things began tightening, I believe, when my sons were young, and a young girl was abducted.  It was frightening, and yet, I can't imagine never being out of sight or awareness of my parents when I was growing up.  We each need time,  and places to explore, or, at least, it seemed our generation did.   What will this generation be like without that?  Is it enough to explore through computer games?   Perhaps. Maybe war could be conducted the same way.  I don't know what will happen with all these new electronics and "rules," but I am grateful for the freedom I was given.  I seemed to be protected somehow, and, through that, I learned to trust.  I am protected.  I was given a chance to feel that protection,  and I am grateful for that. 

I just sat down with Patrick Leigh Fermor's book A Time of Gifts.  Now, here was a man who had no problem with exploring.  It looks like an amazing read. 

The evening is warm, most unusual for here.  Sun and heat simmered all day.  How strange it is to have the windows open at night, and still be warm.     I'm sure the fog is sitting off there contemplating.  Perhaps, it needed a chance to explore.  No GPS will bring it in until it is ready.  Until then, it is summer in Tam Valley.  Houses are sure to sell this weekend as realtors assure their clients the weather is always like this.  I don't know how they say it with a straight face, but, they do.  What a glorious Father's Day weekend it is, and school is now out for all!  It is celebration time, and already the locals seem to be heading out.  Mill Valley is quiet this evening as it sizzles in heat.  

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