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ethanol -

There is an article by Pat Bedard in the July Car and Driver.

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 says that starting in 2006, the average gallon of "gas" will contain 2. 78-percent ethanol.   Should we be thrilled?   Well, there are many considerations here.  Pat Bedard sees it as a boon for the petroleum industry, not the other way around.  One problem is that "some studies have concluded that making ethanol from agricultural products requires more energy than is contained in the finished product."

Also, the making of ethanol is heavily subsidized, by who?   Us!  The tax payer.   What a surprise!

But the most amazing part is this, the fuel economy using "E85" over regular gasoline diminished fuel economy more than than 30 percent in two of the three tests.  "The EPA's numbers suggest that fuel economy worsens by 28% on E85 compared with regular gas."  "On any Tahoe equipped with a 5.3-liter V-8, the E85 flex-fuel feature is a no-cost option, but running E85 reduces the driving range from roughly 390 miles a tank to about 290.   

There's oil in them thar ears of corn, and the smell is not one to thrill.   Fish, anyone?

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