Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

To lighten the mood -

Here is a joke, or not.   : )

An old Arab is living in Chicago for more than 40 years now.
He would like to plant potatoes in his garden, but he's alone and old and weak. His son's studying in Paris.

Thus, he writes an email to his son:

Dear Ahmed,
I'm very sad, because I'm not capable to plant potatoes in my garden. I'm sure, if you were here, you could help and dig up the garden. I love you, your father

Promptly, the old man gets an email:

Dear Father,
please don't touch anything in the garden. I used to hide "this thing" in there. I love you, too, Ahmed

No 6 hours later the US Army, the Marines, the FBI and the CIA surround the house of the old man. The dig up the garden soil by soil, search every millimeter, but find nothing at all. Dissappointed, they withdraw.

Same day, the old man gets another email from his son.

Dear Father,
definitely, the garden has been dug up by now. You may plant your potatoes now. Unfortunately, I couldn't help you more from the distance. I love you, Ahmed

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