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Good Morning!!

My friend Vicki says that Mandu died like a Master, just as he lived like one, and I realize that is absolutely true.   I had the honor of living with my Master, with my Teacher.  I didn't need to go out and search.  He was here with me all the time.  No wonder I feel such an attraction to Home.  I checked out the array on his grave this morning.  All is happily intact.  I can see everything from my deck which I had arranged to notice that area, because I kept bringing that area of the yard more and more into my consciousness, as it is my mother's space.  The Cecil Brunner Rose frames his space.  I feel him here and also, expanded.  He is resurrecting.  He plays, with us. 

I feel peaceful this morning.  I am picking roses and trimming flowers in the fog.  We will meet with Jan's parents in three hours.  This is a huge step for them.  I understand that culturally this is very difficult for them, and that they love Jan so much that they are meeting with us.  I am grateful for this opportunity to soothe thousands of years of pain, and to perhaps open new doors to understanding that we all are here as one, just different petals of different flowers.  There is a place for the daisy, the violet, and the rose. 

That the polar bear and the brown bear have mated and reproduced shows that climatic changes bring new changes, and the climate is changing politically as well as environmentally.  Steve and I were talking this morning about the politics of this country.  For whatever reason, our politicians seem determined to bankrupt the United States.  It may be intentional or perhaps it is ignorance, greed, and neglect.  I feel sad that such a great country has become a debtor nation.  China is taking over, and it seems we have no interest in stopping or competing with that.   Again, I have some sadness about the changes.  I see the petals of the rose separating and falling to land.   It is odd to live through such a dramatic change, and yet, many other peoples have done so.  It seems to be the way.  As much as I would like to see our politicians wake up, it seems they will not.   Al Gore has made a documentary, one the New Yorker says may be the most important documentary any of us will ever see.  Now, we need one about what is happening politically and financially in the U.S.  The glaciers are melting in all sorts of ways.  

Robinson Jeffers owned the whole point in Carmel.  His son and his son's wife did not work.  Gradually, parcels of the land were sold off so they could live, until there was one little piece.  That piece was saved by the work of others,  and the Tor Foundation keeps it going.  His home is surrounded by giant houses.  Our guide said he hasn't even seen anyone in them.  They are second homes, or perhaps, third.  This kind of disparity in our country which will only increase with the latest legislation around the passing of estates is a shame.  We have become stagnant in a negative way, the circulation of wealth and energy.

The computer industry was booming.  Bush came in, and announced it couldn't last, and what do you know,  people responded to his words and it began to slow.  He didn't want people rising to new economic levels through their own initia and intelligence.  Instead, let's reward those who inherit wealth.  We see where that has brought us.  The current president of the US is a product of inherited wealth.   We see the damage done, and we will continue to see it.  It seems this tide is not to turn.  The politicians have no spines.  The invertebrates have returned. 

Ah, breathe.  It is a beautiful day, and I hear the sound of the motorcycles heading out for their Sunday morning ride.   And there, too, is change.  They had gone to Point Reyes Station for breakfast for years, but the ownership changed, and they weren't as welcomed as before, so now, they eat in other places.  

My niece is learning Chinese.  I only know these words, "Wo Ai Ni."   Perhaps they are enough!! 

And now I consider my words, how nationalistic they sound.  I have been proud to be a citizen of the United States.  I will probably always carry that pride, that awareness that, as an American, after the tsunami, that my body would be returned and handled differently than that of another.  I have lived unconsciously superior.  I am grateful for a chance to balance the disparity.  I accept that my end of the teeter-totter is going down, as another end rises.  I think this merging of east and west, Jan and Jeff, is wonderful.   Somehow, I just saw them both as Americans, but her family has forced me to look a little differently and perhaps, of course, this is a good thing.  I am grateful to experience as much as I can, while I am here.   Thank you for listening as I sort myself out in preparation for this day.  Again, I have this sense of the spiritual.  I will dress carefully, and prepare for a meeting of great importance to my son and our lineage, and the lineage of another.  This is a matter of great importance.   May we all meet well.   

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