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and there is good news -

Maybe I was too negative on the ability of this country to "come back" from the rapidly increasing debt.  After all, Clinton took care of it, and then, the Evil Dunce arrived.  We can take this country back to prosperity, and get ourselves out of debt.  People do it all the time.

Look at this from the SF Chronicle today on what San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom is up to.   Hooray!!

    "Newsom hopes to ride the energy wave of the future by sinking turbines under the Golden Gate Bridge and current-catching generators off Ocean Beach. The idea: Produce electricity for the city to sell or use, or both.

    "They're just huge -- they've never been done in America,'' Newsom said of the generators that can convert water power to juice.

    Newsom appeared at The Chronicle's editorial board last week to discuss his health access plan, but he also took time to preview two ideas in the works for tapping ocean power:

    One would plunk turbine generators into the stiff currents beneath the Golden Gate Bridge.

    The other would put a generating plant off Ocean Beach to convert the energy of the Pacific's rolling waves into electricity.

    "These are real, not just fantasy," Newsom said.

    The ocean energy idea -- which already is taking hold in other parts of the world -- got its first strong push three years ago locally when Newsom's archnemesis, then-Board of Supervisors president and Green Party member Matt Gonzalez, won approval of a resolution calling for a tidal-energy power project.

    After a couple years of serious study, the nonprofit Electric Power Research Institute concluded:

    One: That San Francisco could tap enough wave power at Ocean Beach to keep the entire city lit -- depending, of course, on how large a wave plant it chose to build.

    And two: That the tides at the Golden Gate make that spot the best in the entire lower 48 states to produce tidal power, though the potential for installing turbine generators under the bridge is a bit limited by space.

    Tidal power, however, is a less expensive energy alternative than wave power. So now comes a second study to address the environmental impact of submerging turbines about 190 feet beneath the Golden Gate -- deep enough, we're told, to avoid any ships running in and out of the bay.

    Johanna Partin, the renewable energy program manager for the city's Department of Electricity, says planners have already considered potential threats to fish a    nd other sea life, as well as the possibility of a harmful buildup of silt.

    They've concluded that there's little chance of harm -- but to be safe, they are recommending that only a "conservative" 15 percent of the area beneath the Golden Gate Bridge be tapped.

    "This is not like putting in a nuclear power plant," Partin said. "If there is a problem, you can pull it out of the water -- end of story."

    There is still the question of who should own the power and who will pay the $5 million to $7 million it will cost for this little experiment under the Golden Gate.

    It could be the city, it could be Pacific Gas and Electric Co., or it could be a little-known Florida firm, operating as Golden Gate Energy, that has already landed a federal license to bring the ocean technology to the bay."

          Now, there is a Slurpee of Joy for the Day!!


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