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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

How do you review sex?

Frisson gets name-checked in Details this month, and not for its food or drinks.


Frisson gets name-checked in Details this month, and not for its food or drinks.

OK, I have a real dilemma here. As a restaurant reviewer I'm supposed to capture the vibe of a restaurant, but a recent press release touting an article in the June/July Details magazine has me in a quandary.

The article says the latest trend is sex in public bathrooms, and names the seven best places to have a quickie.

Frisson, the sexy Financial District restaurant that feels like a midcentury supper club, made the list. The coed bathrooms are tucked around the corner downstairs. Individual stalls are surrounded by an open sink and mirrors.

The article says that sex in public places is "evolving from a novelty into a common practice -- one that makes the one-night stand seem quaint."

Author Andrew Stengel attributes this growing proclivity to technology: "When was the last time you waited more than two minutes to find out something you wanted to know?" In other words, It's a result of our on-demand society.

When I reviewed Frisson in March and went to the bathroom, there weren't any mirrors in the private stalls, which means that couples would have to go outside to the sink to make sure things were put back together properly.

Frisson may have the right vibe, but the accomodations don't seem ideal; unfortunately, the article never details what makes any of these places a contender.

I'm kind of beside myself; what is my responsibility to the reading public?

Some diners already expect us to carry tape measures to determine the width of doorways and steps, to pack noise meters to monitor sound, and to check out the kitchens for signs of slovenly behavior.
I wonder if Michelin will want to consider adding a few questions on their already extensive check list when awarding the coveted stars.

I'll probably do what every Midwesterner does when it comes to sexual topics -- ignore it. However, I'm never going to look at restaurant bathrooms the same way

Posted By: Michael Bauer (Email) | Jun 28 at 05:17 AM


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