Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Jane's poem -

Jane calls this an Ode to me -
I bow my head deeply at her touch.
My insides swell in the warmth of her words, care, and communion of love.


If you can sit and write today then so can I

I¹m not filled with an epic inner battle
(or if I am I don¹t yet know it)
I'm feeling good in the way
that let's me ignore my body
except for the minor pains reminding me
I have one - the ear that throbs, the wrist joint.
aching from the cold

the old ways are creeping back
getting up early
not to greet the sun or stretch
with the yellow cat and siamese
in a gentle wakening
not so there is time to sit
with the minutes and the breath
as each one forms and fills and passes
slowly when I notice them

so when the phone rang
and it was you I was surprised
even though we planned it
You reach out and pull me up
through my confusion
eager for the air and words
like handing me a cup of coffee
piece of buttered toast
and saying this is the body take and eat
this is the time of your life.

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