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Checking in -

It is a busy morning.  We went out to breakfast, and then, spoke with our neighbors.  They will be in Healdsburg, so are going to drop by Trentadue, too, and Jan's friends are coming so today is quite the "do." 

I have another book to recommend, See No Evil, by Robert Baer.  It is the book that inspired the movie Syrianna, and I can't put it down.  It is a real-life thriller, and shows how complex the problem of the "terrorists," and, at least, where I am in the book,  one has to wonder even more what is going on.  I am reminded of Hannah Arendt's book, The Banality of Evil, a book on the trial of Adolph Eichmann, as a Nazi war criminal.   He felt he was just doing his job, and he should be rewarded for the days he managed to kill a greater number of Jewish people.  It was all about the numbers for him.   Perhaps, this is even worst.  It seems like we have a bunch of administrators where it isn't about anything at all, except getting a paycheck and not being noticed.

I haven't finished the book but I highly recommend it as well as the one on understanding Asian and Western thought.  Jeff and I are both reading rapidly, completely entranced.

Jan was washing the kitchen floor today, because she said she wanted a sense of accomplishment for the day.  She is graduating from completing her residency today.  For many of us, that would be enough, but this book helps me better understand the sense of doing in the Asian mind.  The Western mind is more into curiosity for curiosity's sake as opposed to perhaps the actual physical accomplishment.  I am generalizing, of course, but that is my take on it, at this point where I am in the book. 

It is a joyous world, despite all the pain.  I read the newspaper today, and could cry, and I am trying to live in a world of balancing, all the "Is that so's?"   May we all be well, in our delightful dance as particle and wave.

There is actually sun here, though the fog is doing its usual strip tease.  It is our usual Fourth of July fireworks display.

We watched Jon Stewart last night.  It seems fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts.  Can you imagine anything so Un-American?  

As I say, perhaps one can only laugh, and treasure this moment in a golden vase. 


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