Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

Jan's graduation at Trentadue Winery was beautiful and inspiring.  It was enchanting to sit among trees, looking out at hills, and listening to healers speak of their work.  I am still affected by their enthusiasm and desire to help.   One doctor spoke of patients as teachers of patience.  I had never thought of where that word "patient" came from.  Somehow linking it with patience worked for me.  I think the ceremony and speeches were especially poignant for me, because of what I have been through.  I wanted to have heard the graduation speech of all my doctors, to see and feel that intensity of their youth, even though it still flows vibrantly through them all.   The food, wine, atmosphere, and gathering of wonderful people certainly fueled the peacefulness of the day.   There were many children there.  One graduate has two herself. I could not imagine medical school and residency with children, but she thanked her husband and family, and it definitely had been done.  Her children were there.   They were perhaps five and seven.  

These twelve people who graduated meet once a week to discuss what is personally going on for them, so I am known, and was consoled on the death of Mandu and asked about my health.  I am very touched.  Jan thanked Jeff in her speech saying she could not have made it through medical school and residency without his help.  Tears came to my eyes, then, and now, as I type this.

I felt serene.  All felt easy.   We sat with some of Jan's friends, and enjoyed a good time.  I will see them next at the wedding.   Jan's father asked one of her friends if she thought Jan would let him come to the wedding.  Of course!   We would all be delighted.   So, I let go of my ego part in this, and all is circling around to enlarge peace in our hearts.  

I have much to do today.  My desk is piled up.  I have put so much off, and I am tired today, despite much sleep, and I am hoping to dig in.

I had a dream where Mandu was here, not as he was, but, he said, he could come back one more time so we could touch him, so I held him in my dreams.

I also dreamed a young girl annointed my Third Eye.  She said the Dalai Lama had annointed her, and now, she would pass it on to me.  I have had dreams of the Dalai Lama before, and I loved how this one included a little girl.   I feel I have come through a rough week intact.  I give thanks for that. 

I also realize now that Trentadue Winery is in Geyserville, right next to Isis Oasis, where I attended a Rosen Intensive.  It is where I learned I could paint, and perhaps, a little bit more.   I am living in circles, the Asian Way.   That straight line is turning and turning.  I am grateful for the embrace.  

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