Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Living in the mist -

There is no more beautiful drive than Highway 1.  I traveled peacefully along, and as I approached Stinson,  entered the mist, and realized I lived in Avalon, Camelot, the land of enchantment.  I live in the mist.  We enjoyed breakfast at the Parkside, and then, I walked on the beach.  (Steve drove his motorcycle home.)  The mist was warm, and dry, a soft caress.   Those once endangered pelicans are numerous and I watched flock after flock pass over my head.  One huge flock divided, with one group continuing along the water, and the other heading toward the sea.  I realized that is what death is, that parting of the flock.  I also found myself looking toward the land, rather than the sea.  I think I've been living in that mobile land of the unconscious.  Now, I want to ground and build on the land. 

For me,  there is nothing quite as wonderful as watching little children at the beach.  Tears filled my eyes many times as I walked, as I realized I had not fully appreciated the last time, which must have been over a year ago.  I appreciate now.   I am grateful that I will see my East Coast family again.  

I am reminded of Anne Morrow Lindbergh's book Gifts from the Sea.  It is a book to read each year. 

Oddly, I traveled through the mist to my home, and it is sunny here, just like Camelot.  It is time to water thirsty plants and settle back in.  I feel like a hermit crab that left its shell to see what else is out there, and now, has returned.  I love my home.  Steve and I are happy campers in our own silly, little house, which is ours.  Our shell fits us.  May yours be just right for you too!!   Our journey is at an end, for now.   Today is snuggle in our own home time, and appreciation for all that is here.  

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