Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy


Ellen sends this to me, and she doesn't know the source, nor do I, but the words fit here for me.

Too often when I speak to people, it seems the questions revolve, around the surrender, sacrifice and pain involved in the spiritual growth process. What is overlooked is what comes at the end of the tunnel.  Jesus says, "You will not be forsaken."  This is a most sacred promise.  For every time I was pulled through a dark night of the soul, I experienced a subsequent emergence into more light and love.  The vessel has to be tempered to hold the full light of an expanded consciousness.  Your vibration has to be lightened.  What we experience as pain through clearing and surrender is actually the negativity and denser energies clearing out of our consciousness to make way for the incoming light.  You must be emptied before you can be filled.


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