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A need for therapy -

Pet Plastic Surgery

Katy loves animals so in checking out the local Nantucket stores for pets picked up the magazine Animal Fair, A Lifestyle Magazine for Animal Lovers.   One article is titled, “Everyone in Hollywood is Doing It … Is Pet Plastic Surgery Really Necessary?    The answer is obvious.  No, but the article is unbelievable.  Let’s remember there are children starving on this planet.

“When Greg Miller of Independence, Missouri decided to get his beloved bloodhound Buck neutered, he was shocked to hear that his pet’s testicles would be gone forever after the operation.”  He has now developed testicular implants, Neuticles. 

Some dogs in Hollywood are given Botox and Metacrill injections.   Dr. Alan Schulman performs surgeries if it is essential to the dog’s health, but is appalled at some of these types of surgeries and calls them unethical.    We know what we are doing to humans, but do we need to do that to our  pets?

I read all this and wonder.   I suggest reading Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli.   Fly in the dust of your own light. 


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