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I continue to read about Nantucket, wanting to understand the history of where I am.  Benjamin Franklin's mother was born on this island, and is buried here.  There are five cemeteries.  We pass them everyday.

From talking to the locals, I see that the best time to be here is in September and October.   It is crowded now, and the shops are filled with things I don't need.  My only temptation is the book store, and my one visit was enough.  I think I will make it through the books I bought, and have a good sense of the men, women, and religions that have inhabited this island.  I must admit I am missing CA, despite the heat wave.  I was gratified to read that spare the air day meant free public transportation.   Hooray!!   Katy is in the bed here next to me, and we are enjoying 70 degrees, though it is still early.

In Cottage for Sale, Must Be Moved by Kate Whouley, I learn about Cape Cod, and a great party game.   The author, Kate, used it to welcome the year 2000.   As the new year enters, each person makes a private wish, one for the world, and one for the person you select.   On the invitation to the party she said everyone should come prepared to be a Wish Angel.   Arriving at the party, each person selects a name from the basket.  They, then, circulate, talking to everyone so as not to be obvious, and then, find out what matters to "their" person.  At the end of the evening, they share what the other person wants.  They can also be silent if they prefer.   I like the idea.   Wish Angel with those you meet today.   Listen, and reflect back to them what they want.  They will be touched.   I feel myself teary lately, sensitive, so in love with touch and life.   The news is so sobering.  I just want to cry for all that goes on, even as I appreciate the touch and temperature of my days. 

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