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Weddings -

Wedding information now catches my eyes, since Jeff and Jan will be married on September 10th.  All is in place.   They are careful with their budget, as this is Jeff's gift to their uniting.

In an article in the NY Times today by Francine Parnes, she stresses that money does not a good wedding make.

A wedding planner tells her of a woman who insisted that $10,000 worth of butterflies be released at her wedding.  When they were released, they flew into the massive light installations that had been ordered, burned to a crisp, and fell on the guests.

Another woman insisted everything be color-coordinated and had a professional video made of herself and her husband as they grew up.  It was projected on an enormous screen in the garden of her historic villa during the wedding.   She forgot the focus was the marriage.  She is now divorced.

A suggestion I love from this article is for those on a budget.  It is created by a couple from San Rafael, CA.   Hooray for HOME!!

"The tables will have crossword puzzles and other word games instead of favors."   The questions are about the couple, so guests will need to talk to each other to figure out the answers.  Does that sound fun, or what?   I am waiting for West coasters to awaken, so I can call Jeff and Jan with that idea.   I remember making a Trivial Pursuit game for a birthday party when Jeff was young.   The game had just come out, and was a hit.  We rode horses at Miwok Stables in Tennessee Valley, and then, ate pizza under the trees on the picnic tables there.  I made the Trivial Pursuit questions what eight year old boys would know.  It was fun to create, and fun to play.  Hip Hip Hooray!!

Perhaps, today, write your own puzzle!

Walk your own maze!

Answer your own questions, and don't melt in the heat if you are in CA!!

If you are in Newtown, CT, snuggle inside!!    The shell is just right.  It's tortoise time!!

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